Vision & Mission

Cherishing Cultural Patrimony and Historical Legacy

The Heritage Commission of Verapoly Archdiocese, set up by a pastoral decree of His Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Francis Kallarakal, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Verapoly, acting on a resolution passed by the Archdiocesan Synod held in April 2015, is a body of its Education Ministry, entrusted with a mandate to reclaim our legitimate slot in the historical, cultural, socio-political and ecclesiastical narratives and bring in a new dynamism in promoting greater awareness, communion and reciprocal collaboration in the domain of cultural identity and shared heritage.
For long, there have been concerted efforts from many quarters to systematically discredit our precious legacies, distort crucial historic details, fabricate false records, recount and rewrite the past events to suit their vested interests, embellish their fanciful constructs and claims on revolutionary initiatives in social, educational, cultural, economic, communal and political developments. Our mission is to set things right; get a clear perspective on the hidden wealth of our bequeathed traditions and the treasures of our collective memory.
Our endeavour would be to promote typical expressions of our unique identity, find ways and means to restore, conserve and valorize historic architectural, artistic treasures, and develop a data base and an archival bank of documents, manuscripts and printed volumes, a repository of illustrations, photos and videos of landmark monuments and architectural icons, a collection of unique sacred music, legendary reliquaries of devotion, statues, ornamental art work on altars, frescoes, murals, vestments and specimens of traditional furniture and such ethnic inventories, an online collection of authoritative, out-of-print and copyright-free books on our history, tradition, heritage and culture, an open forum for meaningful debate, dialogue and interaction, a showcase for on-going, contemporary projects for reinterpreting our traditions and legacy, a medium for creative writings, reports, blogs, podcasts, short-documentaries and video-streams related to the domain of heritage, and tributes to the living legends in our community with personal profiles and oral narratives. This would be primarily enriched by wider interaction under the aegis of the Kerala Latin Catholic History Association, Verapoly Archdiocese.